Torqur is a Swiss clinical-stage biotech company launched in 2021 as a subsidiary of Swiss Rockets, a Basel-based incubator and accelerator of start-up companies in oncology and infectiology.

Platform for efficient development of innovative anti-cancer therapies

Torqur is establishing the platform for discovery and efficient development of innovative anti-cancer therapies targeting the metabolic PI3K/mTOR intracellular signalling pathway. PI3K/mTOR intracellular signalling pathway is often abnormally activated and has a significant role in cancer formation. The lead candidate bimiralisib is a balanced pan-PI3K/mTOR inhibitor formulated for oral and topical administration. Promising early clinical activity has been demonstrated in multiple phase 1/2 studies allowing further development towards proof-of-concept studies in various oncology and dermatology indications. Torqur is strengthening its pipeline by investing in the development of next-generation PI3K/mTOR inhibitors to form a robust portfolio of therapeutic areas in oncology and beyond.


Fulfil patients' expectations through precise science

Each cancer treatment remains a case-by-case battle, with a limited panel of therapeutic options available. Considering the relatively low response of cancer patients to standards of care that are effective only in a narrow subset of patients, there is a tremendous need for new targeted therapies. At Torqur, we are committed to providing next-generation potent PI3K/mTOR inhibitors for targeted cancer therapies to support patients' quality of life and extended survival. Thanks to our know-how, extensive experience in drug development, and a broad network of internationally recognized experts and partners, we believe we can deliver best-in-class treatment and most promising results to our patients.

Torqur AG was founded in 2021 under the umbrella of Swiss Rockets after acquiring the assets of Piqur Therapeutics AG, a biotech and spin-off company of the University of Basel.

Piqur was co-founded by Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanovic in 2011 to develop bimiralisib, a potent and balanced pan-PI3K/mTOR inhibitor, discovered by Vladimir and his sister Dr. Natasa Cmiljanovic during their Ph.D. studies at the University of Basel. Under Vladimir’s leadership, the company achieved outstanding results and won several prizes, including the Swiss Economic Forum Award in 2015 in the category Hightech/Biotech. In 2018, Vladimir and Natasa founded Swiss Rockets AG, a biotech incubator and accelerator, enabling further development of bimiralisib and a pipeline of next-generation PI3K/mTOR inhibitors under Swiss Rockets’ expertise.


The greater Basel region is a leading pharmaceutical sector in Switzerland with major international importance. Numerous life science companies and pharmaceutical giants are located in the region, creating full ecosystem synergy between biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Recognized academic research institutions develop innovative breakthrough technologies in different areas and train highly qualified specialists. Such a setting creates favorable conditions for start-ups and brings opportunities for productive long-term collaborations.